Over the last twelve months SAV has undertaken a significant amount of work in analysing the viability of lamb feed lotting. 

The Company has also discussed activities with a number of operators and overall the consensus is that a well-established and operated feedlot is a viable proposition, albeit with quite thin margins.

Feed lot finishing lambs in Australia has not reached the same level of market penetration as beef or indeed as concentrated as it has been done in the US and other countries. 

Having traceable lamb meat in terms of genetics, initial growth and finishing providing a consistent, high quality product is the way ahead. Effective branding and marketing such product can then achieve the goal of a price premium.

SAV is keen to gain the interest of shareholders in us developing a model, state of the art lamb feedlot using the best knowledge available at present to produce the best outcome. Interest we are seeking ranges from being an investor, a supplier (lambs and feed inputs), a provider of land and resources and even direct involvement in the day to day operation and management of the facility. 

We are also interested in hearing from growers who would use such a facility to finish their own lambs.

Please contact Geoff Breust on 6932 4404 or 0417 698336 or via email:

We really would like to hear from you.