Ungarie Floods and Clean-up – 2012

On Sunday 4 March 2012, the Humbug Creek broke its banks and flooded the town of Ungarie, following an extended period of heavy rain across the western districts of NSW.

Southern Agventure’s main site at Ungarie (West Wyalong Road) had no issues with flooding or effects from the sustained period of rainfall.

However, SAV’s grain storage site on Lake Cargelligo Road, just west of the main town area, was also flooded.  The 1,500 tonnes grain shed and two upright steel silos were inundated.

Of the 1,433 tonnes of canola stored in the shed, only 52.5 tonnes were not recoverable, while of the just under 300 tonnes of Buloke Malt barley in the silos, 54.5 tonnes were unsalvageable

The salvage and clean-up operation involved a high performance REM 3700 Grain Vac which was used to suck the salvaged grain off the top of the crust.

With limited vacuum tube extensions and a reduction in vacuum efficiency with longer tubes, a telescopic loader was required to pull the grain forward to the vacuum without disturbing the crust.

The unsalvageable wet canola broken up with the crust under the telescopic loader was meticulously pushed aside as the operation proceeded and then loaded for delivery to some local SAV shareholders for pasture spreading.

The operation ran seven days in early April and concluded with the site cleaned of all grain.