Dividend Payment to Shareholders

Southern Agventure shareholders should now have received their 2012-13 dividend payment.

Following a review of the Annual Accounts for 2012/13 and in line with the Board’s adopted Dividend Policy, the Board resolved to pay a dividend of 10 cents per share fully franked.

This decision was ratified at the 2013 Annual General Meeting in Lockhart on 20 February 2014.

SAV made a net profit after tax of $187,167 in the 2012/13 financial year, with its joint venture with Emerald Grain, Southern Ag Grain, delivering a distribution of $573,250.

“The Board reviewed future capital and cash flow requirements as part of its considerations to pay the dividend,” outgoing Chairman, Dick Thompson, said.

The dividend applies to shares of the Company issued as of 1 February 2014. It applies to both A Class and B Class shares.

This year, the majority of dividend payments were made by direct deposit to shareholders' bank accounts. However, there were delays to some payments due to out-of-date bank details.

Shareholders who either have not supplied bank account details or have changed their details are asked to please advise us at the soonest.

Please send your details via email to mpoldaker@southernagventure.com.au , call the SAV office on (02) 6932 4426, or fill out a Bank Details Form - enclosed with the Dividend Statements and letter - and mail it to us at:

Southern Agventure Limited

PO Box 5180 BC