Vision, Mission, Goals & Values


Create farm value leading to highly sustainable regional communities.


To be a leading organisation owned, managed and operated by regional people which focuses on generating real, long-term value and benefit to its stakeholders, in:

  • agricultural product marketing and trading services;
  • products and services to assist stakeholders in maximising their potential;
  • innovative approaches to primary industry and support services for the industry; and
  • counter potential threats.

Immediate / Medium Term Goals

  • Increase grower and stakeholder shareholding and geographic coverage – additional 200 shareholders.
  • Increase market and community awareness of SAV and its joint venture activities.
  • Establish viable, quality stakeholder value-add opportunities consistent with our Vision and Mission with particular emphasis on:

             -        storage and distribution

             -        stakeholder services – QA and Testing

             -        alternate grower products – lamb feedlot

             -        production input assistance – group purchasing and input cost discounts

             -        grain cleaning / screening services 


 We value:

  • integrity in all our dealings – including high ethics, honesty and transparency - doing what we say we’re going to do when we say we’ll do it;
  • respect – through personal contact and engagement, sharing, trust, teamwork and openness;
  • effective corporate governance;
  • high performance and results generating value for our stakeholders;
  • effective relationships creating value for all parties;
  • strong commitments to regional communities and their future; and
  • acceptance of and leadership in change – having the courage to be innovative.

 We are successful in creating value when:

  • our shareholders receive maximum return;
  • our customers and suppliers derive real benefit from our relationship;
  • our regional communities directly benefit from our efforts; and
  • our staff consider us as their employer of choice.