About Us

The Company has its origins in the belief by a number of farmers in southern NSW that through various commercial, legislative and government policy changes, farmers had lost influence and control of their industry. They believed the time had come where they needed to take more control of their future destiny by having a direct influence on the supply chain, by building alliances and partnerships and by being proactive in developing value-add projects.

The principal reason for establishing the Company is the aim of empowering farmers to have a greater level of influence and control over their destiny. The establishment of the Company with its backing from its initial 162 farmer shareholders immediately had a positive impact on how the Company was perceived across the industry.

As a consequence, other organisations, especially supplier and service organisations, have indicated a willingness to develop relationships with the Company in order to gain access to the farmer shareholder base. Such relationships have the ability to bring benefit to farmers and the Company.

Our Vision, Mission, Goals & Values


Create farm value leading to highly sustainable regional communities.


To be a leading organisation owned, managed and operated by re...

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Annual Reports

Click here to access the 2014 Annual Report for Southern Agventure Ltd 

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Southern Agventure staff will be developing this section of the website specifically for access by our shareholders.

It will include special news and advice, along with events, deals and a feedback sect...

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Click here to access the 2011 Prospectus for Southern Agventure Ltd.

This copy of Prospectus is provided for background information only. It is not provided for the purpose of o...

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In 2005, with farmers facing rising fuel costs, a high Australian dollar and low commodity prices, a group of southern New South Wales frustrated and passionate farmers looked at adding value to canola as an alternative energy source. The group...

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